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print security


Print security

Prevent confidential information from leaking when printing in your company

Main features of the "LOGOS"

Collecting print events


Track and register all print events

Ability to view printed documents

Collecting statistics on a given schedule

Detailed statistics of the print

Logging document printing

Tracking unauthorized access attempts

Print monitoring


Contextual analysis of documents sent for printing

Tracking inappropriate print usage

The possibility of creating a group policy security seals

Detection of unauthorized printing of confidential information

Notification of incidents

Логирование системы

Sending information about the incident to e-mail

Informing the user about failed access attempts

Respond to incidents in accordance with the selected security policy settings

Timely notification to the information security administrator when an incident occurs

Unified control center

Логирование системы

Centralized management of all system components

Delimiting user access to the system

The implementation of control procedures integrity of the database.

Tracking the status of agents

Log archiving, print-on-schedule

Enjoy all the benefits of secure printing with your LOGOS

Cost reduction and information protection

Improve data security when printing and copying confidential documents

Cost reduction and information protection

Automatical response for incidents according to security policy settings

Cost reduction and information protection

Improving the efficiency of the information security division of the company

Document printing control

Printing documents control process automation.

The rules of contextual analysis printing

Flexible mechanisms of administration and creation of contextual analysis print rules.

Notification of IB incidents

Reports about intrusion incidents in real-time.

Notification of IB incidents

Reduce printing and copying costs in the organization and increase equipment efficiency


The final cost is formed depending on the number of workplaces and print servers

The price of a license for one workplace is from 700 rubles, the price of a license for a print server is 10,000 rubles. To clarify the final cost, contact us or leave a request and we will call you back.

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